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It's Time to Let Go....

Eunique Divination

will be able to assist you with help in seeing


any limiting beliefs that  you may have about yourself or your situation and the


to help you understand your inner self better so you can reach your full potential.

When you schedule a healing session with

Eunique Divination,

you will leave with a 




 on certain situations, challenges or decisions you may be facing, whether they be about relationships, career, yourself, or spiritual in nature.

You will be encouraged to overcome challenges or situations that may be holding you back and will receive


to help you see things from a fresh perspective, allowing you to recognize options that you might have not realized were even there.

Tarot /Oracle

$168.75/45 Minutes

$225/60 Minutes

($3.75 a minute)

Healing with the cards + integrate + heal past life issues that are affecting your current life situation.  I may use other forms of Divination tools like a pendulum and/or runes. 


Energy Work

$500/ Energy Clearing

This work removes unwanted energy attachments

Chakra Work


This work identifies and removes any chakra blockages you have

Spell Work

Candle Reading Interpretation


This work is for clients who need assistance in reading the candles in the spell work they have done themselves, or by someone else and they need a second opinion

$700 /Uncrossing Spell

For any jinxes, hexes and curses to be removed

$250/ Money Blessings

This work is usually great for  increasing general prosperity, improving opportunities, and helping with specific financial goals

$500/ Business Money Blessings

This work is usually great for increasing general prosperity, improving opportunities, and helping with specific financial goals within your organization


(Return to Sender)

This work allows your energy field to be protected from negative energy, people, places + things

$500 Legal Matters

This work helps with resolving any legal matters that you have

Past Life Healing/ Integration


This service allows you to explore your past lives in order to heal past life trauma. This service also allows you to find out what soul contracts and vows you've made in your past life and pay them off or severe the vows. 

Eunique Divination does allow payment plans, but no work can be done until the balance is paid in full. All services are non-refundable.

For your healing session Eunique Divination

offers flexible scheduling  and will work with you to find the right time for your session. Purchase your session via pay pal, cash app, or invoice

and once you have done so, email  

Eunique Divination

on the contact page to schedule your session. You will then be contacted within 24 hours  via email to set up your appointment.Sessions can be done via

Phone or Skype. 


Google Pay:

Cash App: $urbanmystik

Venmo: @Eunique-Divination

Invoice: Email Eunique Divination for invoice of service
You can send check or money order to:

Eunique Divination
P.O Box 1156
Newcastle, DE 19720

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